The largest indoor shooting range in Billings, Montana.

Open Range partnership was formed in July of 2017, and is made up of businessmen, entrepreneur and experienced muti-gun platform operators. This eclectic group was assembled with a mission to provide: The most technologically advance multi – gun platform to the public market place. Leveraging our 10-lane in-door range/facility provides our team and general public the ability to put this next generation of weaponry to the test. Never again will you purchase a weapon/accessories with out having the option to test IT first.
About Our Range

  • Open 6 days a week to the public and Open Range members
  • 16, 25 yard shooting lanes rated to 50 BMG Rifle
  • Spacious shooting stalls at 4’ and 5’
  • Deep, private, bullet-proof stall barriers
  • Industry leading HVAC negative air system keeps air clear, smoke-free, and lead-free
  • Programmable, touchscreen target system allows for customizable distance, 360-degree turning targets, and timed drills
  • Sound abatement throughout entire range for an exceptionally comfortable shooting experience
Walk-in Lane Rental Pricing
  • $15.00/30min pass as you go
  • $8.00 for second shooter, same stall
Monthly Open Range Member
  • list item 1
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